Cardinals, Reds benches clear after Nick Castellanos scores

Cardinals, Reds benches clear after Nick Castellanos scores

CINCINNATI – The Reds and Cardinals have feuded a few times over the years and renewed that part of their rivalry with an extended benches-clearing scuffle in the fourth inning Saturday.

Cincinnati was leading, 6-2, when pitcher Jake Woodford drilled Nick Castellanos with a fastball to the shoulder. Castellanos showed his displeasure to Woodford and Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina by picking up the ball and offering it to the pitcher.

Later in the inning with Mike Moustakas batting, Woodford threw a wild pitch that scored Castellanos from third base with a headfirst slide. Woodford was covering the plate when the two came together. Castellanos stood up and flexed over Woodford, which led to Molina defending his teammate.

That emptied both dugouts and bullpens.

The calamity was dying down with both teams returning to their sides when the donnybrook reignited in the outfield after Cardinals reliever Jordan Hicks shoved Reds shortstop Eugenio Suárez. Participants spilled into the grass while Castellanos and Molina remained in the infield talking.

Castellanos was the only player ejected from the game. He was replaced by Aristides Aquino in the top of the fifth.

Back on Thursday, Castellanos trotted and flipped his bat after hitting an Opening Day homer against the Cards with Cincinnati trailing by six runs.

The two teams infamously brawled in 2010. Molina was in the middle of that when he and Brandon Phillips exchanged words at home plate before an at-bat by the Reds’ second baseman.

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